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Dan Freedman, composer and pianist “…defines the living edge of jazz piano harmony!”

Review of Art Attack - Matheson Kamin

Dan Freedman is a pianist who is currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is a long way from his native country of England, where he had become a household name with his weekly “Dan The Music Man” radio spots on BBC radio.

The radio program took place while Dan was still in his youth. But after completing bachelors and masters degrees in computer science, the world lost a true musical talent. It wasn’t until 20 years of being a software entrepreneur that he found himself in Hawaii. It was there that the true musician in him came calling. Now after only about one year from that time, Dan Freedman is back being a musician making many an appearance as a guest musician in concerts, as well as the leader of his own jazz band. It is this newly refocused musician that has just released a new album entitled “Art Attack”.

It is on “Art Attack,” the new release by Dan Freedman, that you find three different styles of jazz by the musician. You can hear solo pieces, piano duets (with Dan playing both parts), and pieces in a jazz trio setting.

On most jazz releases, you will find that the musicians usually fall into two categories: the “I only play the compositions the way the composers meant them to be played” frame of mind, or the “I only play my own compositions” frame of mind. Though there are exceptions to the rule, rarely do you find someone who will take the opportunity to arrange a piece to fit their own playing style. But this is exactly what makes “Art Attack” by Dan Freedman so enjoyable: The compositions that Dan chose to be part of the album have been arranged by him in such a way that they sound unique, as if no one else had played them before. This is the reason why this album is such a breath of fresh air.

The two best arrangements on the album belong to “Sweet Georgia Brown” and “Chopsticks”. “Sweet Georgia Brown” is one of the few instances on the release when Dan adds a second piano track to a song. This creates a very unusual and entertaining take on the song that has become best known as the “theme song” for the Harlem Globetrotters. But the most unusual arrangement on the album belongs to the song “Chopsticks,” the song most people know as the tune that is played by two fingers on the piano keyboard. With Dan’s version, however, the melody starts the song off and then only peeks its head out once in a while throughout the performance of the song. This gives the song a very unique feel to it.

For all of the instrumentation on the album, Dan plays all of the piano and bass parts. For the song “On Green Dolphin Street,” Giba Moojen performed the drum part. While there are great pianists elsewhere, very few can also play the bass. This sets Dan apart from many of the other pianists out there right now.

Dan Freedman has recorded an album of jazz that is both creative and fresh, and also a joy to listen to. If you are a fan of jazz music and would like to find an album by one of the best jazz pianists on the planet, check out “Art Attack” by Dan Freedman. You can find Dan Freedman online by going to his website at

-- Mathesin Kamin